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Pundit Sat and his father, Pundit Lal Beharry Sharma
Young Pundit Sat
Pundit Satnarine Sharma

Pundit Satnarine SharmaBorn June 19th 1940, to his father, Pundit Lal Beharry Sharma and mother, Raneya Sharma who came from Basti Jila U.P., India. His parents travelled from India in 1907 on the S.S. Ganges to the Caribbean.

Pundit Satnarine Sharma was the eldest son and was taught to read and speak hindi at an early age, allowing him to get Sacred Thread / Janewa at 7 years. On the weekends he would go with his father and at 12 years he knew Mantra by heart. By 16 years he did his first puja and at 20, read his first Sri Madh Bhagwat Pooranyagna. He completed several pilgrimages to India after this time.

In 1982 he moved the USA was an integral part of building the Shiva Mandir in New York which opened on July 4th, 1987. He was also a part of building the Lakshmi Narayan Mandir in Houston, Texas in 2003.

After the 21 years he lived abroad and underwent triple bypass surgery, he returned to Trinidad. He sought to build the Gita Ashram to carry on the traditions with his sons and fellow devotees on his home soil.

Pundit Sat Travels

Pundit Satnarine Sharma has travelled around the world over the past thirty-eight years, including 26 pilgrimages to India.


Agra Calcutta / Kolkata Hazrathbal Shrine Mussoorie Rudraprayag
Allahabad Chandigarh Hyderabad Nagin Lake Sarnath
Amritsar Chitrakoot Jaipur Nandgawn Shimla
Badrinath dham Dala Lake Jammu City New Delhi Sonmarg
Bangalore Devprayag Jamnagar Orissa / Puri Varanasi
Barsana Gaya Kanyakumari Pahalgam Visakapatnam
Bhubaneswar Gokul Kashmir Rajkot Vrndavana
Bodh Gaya Gulmarg Madurai Rameshwaram
Bombay / Mumbai Haridwar Mathura Rishikesh


  • USA, including New York, Georgia, Los Angeles and Hawaii
  • Manila
  • Taipei
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Bangkok
  • Frankfurt
  • London
  • Canada, including Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Montreal
  • All the caribbean islands, except Cuba

Pundit Sat Travel Map